Mobile Speaker or Headphone Connection by SLUX

Mobile Speaker or Headphone Connection by SLUX

Data Transmission by light - Safe for health

Artistic Headset Design convertible to wireless light headset

Description, use, markets, advantages:

Our Company has the technological experience and engineering team for producing Wireless Photonic Connected Audio Solutions. Imagine a Home Cinema with different speaker for surrounding audio connected not by cable but by efficiently managed rays of light.

The same solution can be done for Photonic Headset connected to the home lamps by digital rays of light, the higher-level evolution of the first analog light headsets.

The target market is the home indoor market and office.

The advantages are in terms of green managing of the radio spectrum, no microwave pollution, lower latency for transmission.

*We strongly recommend to organize a meeting for letting us understand your market needs and for letting you discover our state of art and potential.

Some specific questions on existing technologies:

"Infrared headphones always require a line of sight to the transmitter. Direct visual contact is therefore necessary, which makes this type of headphones less attractive today. This is because you can't really move freely around the room with them. As soon as you leave the transmitter's field of vision, data transmission is interrupted."

S-Lux Approach: Thanks to our technologies and experiments, we clearly demonstrated that we can offer for example audio services without having the restriction of line-of-sight communication. It can be done in visible or not visible light and with many different kinds of lamps (for example a design lamp). This is possible thanks to different additional "protocols" of transmission that we implement in the light.

"As TV headphones, however, they can still be interesting today, especially as they are much cheaper than wireless headphones. After all, when watching TV you usually sit quietly in one place opposite the transmitter."

S-Lux Approach: Over the well-known applications of the first IR headphones, thanks to S-Lux telecommunication carriers there is the possibility to offer additional services at the same time related for example to multiple audio carrier or remote control/management of different IOT or other network devices connected via light.

"Another disadvantage is a more or less present background noise, which is unfortunately typical for this type of headphones. The susceptibility to interference is high, even if the technology has been continuously improved."

S-Lux Approach: The background noise can be completely eliminated thanks to a digital transmission and thanks to potential additional digital signal processes.

"For this reason, most people today prefer wireless headphones, which are much more flexible. Bluetooth headphones are also a good alternative, especially if only short distances need to be covered."

S-Lux Approach: The microwave approach is not Ideal for many people and in general is not good for having a green transmission. A "hybrid" solution could be a starting point for the people who have the need of BT standard of communication for some devices but at the same time want to increase quality in their home devices.

Unique Selling Point:

  • Transmission free of microwave

  • Technology oriented to the Future

  • We will make it with high added design value thanks to light designer


  • Indoor home and office

  • Audio professional

Technical data:

  • 10 meters indoor connection via low consumption LED light

  • Visible or not visible light

  • Additional feature based on your specific requests

Special features:

  • Interference free: Visible light is intrinsically far less prone to interference. Nonetheless, the visible light spectrum is currently largely unused.

  • Faster than ever: Light communication can deliver speeds of multiple Gbps. This means we can open unprecedented possibilities for technology and services.

  • Intrinsically secure: Light communication signals can be contained, delimited and secured within a physical area. This provides it with an intrinsic safety feature.

  • Safe for health: Light communication does not raise any health safety concern. Visible light does not carry any kind of hazard to living beings or devices.

  • Innovation with unique selling points, patented!

  • Strategic patents!

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